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for you.

Premier private chefs design and deliver meal packages for you based on your culinary and dietary preferences.

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Set allergies, aversions, and dietary tags. Schedule an optional Zoom call with our head chef so we can get to know you!

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The more you swipe, the more we can customize meals just for you. It's pretty much a dating app for food...

Pictures can be meals, ingredients, or flavors - and they all come directly from our chefs.

All about you (and yours)

Tell us if anyone is joining you.

Order options range from 2 - 5 days' worth of meals. Meals work as both lunch and dinner. Order options are available for any number of people with the same or different preferences.


There is no menu.

We use your order notes, preference settings, and swipes to design meals. The magic is this: our chefs are able to use the info you provide in the app to create custom-made meals that are perfect for you and more exciting than typical menu fare.

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